Amy Childs on pregnancy 'problems': I've got saggy boobs and a really big belly

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Amy Childs on pregnancy 'problems': I've got saggy boobs and a really big belly

The Only Way Is Essex star Amy Childs talked about various topics in an exclusive interview with OK! TOWIE filming is what many are interested in; "Filming for the show has been full on and I keep saying I’m going to calm down, but I don’t think it’s going to happen anytime soon.

I said last week how I love the show and that I’m really excited to be back, and it’s fun! I’ve done some really lovely scenes this week; some with my mum and dad, a lot of scenes with me and Bill, and some with Harry."- she said, as quoted by ok!

Childs is carrying twins and it is not easy for her at this time. There is a lot of excitement and she is aware of what awaits her. "I’ve had a lot of movement with the twins and I’ve still been getting my Braxton Hicks, but it’s just my body getting ready for the babies to come, but I’ve not really slept.

I said to Bill that I haven’t really slept for three days and while we’ve been back filming, I feel really achy. I’ve got my 28 week scan next week which I’m excited about so I can see how the babies are getting on.

It’s not going to be long until they’re here."

Pregnancy problems

She deals with problems that other pregnant women deal with. Childs often feels tired and has certain problems, but the joy of having a twin is above all else.

"I’ve got pregnancy boobs now. I’ve got saggy boobs and a really big belly, and I feel like I’ve got to that stage where it’s not the pretty pregnancy any more, it’s the not-so-pretty pregnancy bit.

I feel like everything I put on, I feel so big but I'm having two babies, so I'm bound to be. With Polly and Rich I had such an amazing pregnancy, but with the twins, it’s good but it’s a lot harder. I’m feeling heavier, I’m feeling tired .

– I wouldn’t have it any other way, though. As long as I have a blow dry and try and look decent then I’m alright. I can take on the world when I have my hair blowdried."