Iker Casillas' Romantic Days with Journalist Ana Quiles

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Iker Casillas' Romantic Days with Journalist Ana Quiles

Iker Casillas, a legendary Spanish footballer, took the world by surprise when he shared a kiss with journalist Sara Carbonero after winning the World Cup in 2010. The romantic moment between the couple, who were together for 12 years, was caught on live television as Carbonero interviewed Casillas.

The couple's love story made headlines for years after the viral clip was seen around the world.

However, the love between Iker and Sara came to an end and they officially divorced in 2021. In an emotional post on Instagram, Casillas spoke about the pride he felt for the family they built and their mutual agreement to continue as devoted parents.

"Both Sara and I feel enormously proud of the family we are and of having shared a love that has filled us with happiness during all our years together. Today our love as a couple takes different but not distant paths since we'll continue together in the marvellous task of continuing to be devoted parents as we have been up until now.

This is a well-considered decision which we have taken through mutual agreement."

A New Love Emerges

After his divorce, Iker Casillas has found love once again with another journalist. This time, the former Spain International has fallen for Ana Quiles, a 30-year-old journalist who works for the Italian channel Rai 2 and Spanish media.

The couple met during the World Cup in Qatar when Ana interviewed Iker, and their professional relationship eventually turned into a romantic one.

Although they have not officially announced their relationship, recent photos of the happy couple exchanging affection in a Roman restaurant have confirmed the rumors.

Ana Quiles is a highly successful journalist who has made a name for herself in the industry. Casillas' former wife, Sara Carbonero, is now in a relationship with musician Nacho Taboada and their children also reside with them.

Iker Casillas' love story continues to captivate the world as he moves on from his past relationship and finds happiness with another journalist. The former footballer may have retired from the sport, but his personal life continues to be a source of intrigue for many.