Shakira on the moment she found out that Gerard Pique betrayed her


Shakira on the moment she found out that Gerard Pique betrayed her
Shakira on the moment she found out that Gerard Pique betrayed her

Shakira is a person who has been drawing a lot of attention to herself ever since she arrived on the music scene. Her popularity increased even more after her divorce from Gerrard Pique, and it is a topic that is still current in the media around the world.

In an interview with People en Español, this popular singer touched on a difficult period in her life. After the divorce, her father, William Mebarak Chadid, came to visit her in Barcelona, but there he suffered a fall that ended up in the hospital.

It was in those moments that Shakira found out that she had been betrayed by Pique. When her father was in the hospital, she found out about the betrayal. "He went to Barcelona to console me after I was consumed with sadness because of my separation," said Shakira.

"While he was at Milan’s first communion, he was gravely injured in an accident. Everything happened at once. My home was falling apart. I was finding out through the press that I had been betrayed while my dad was in the ICU." In those moments, she most wanted to communicate with her father, considering that it was very difficult for her.

"The man I have loved the most in my life, my father, was leaving me when I needed him the most. I couldn’t talk to him, or go to my best friend for the advice I needed so much."

Shakira: They are role models for my kids

Shakira is proud of her parents who have managed to overcome all the hardships in their lives and have shown unity through it all.

Despite their differences, they are fantastic supporters of each other, and Shakira wanted the children of hers to learn a lot from their relationship. "He has overcome COVID once, two accidents, one pneumonia and five surgeries— all of this at 91 years of age, in less than six months.

My dad is the biggest example of resilience, and my mother has been by his side day and night. They have both been a reflection of that dream that didn't come true for me. But I hope they are role models for my kids of love, of patience in relationships, of absolute devotion and zest for life."

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