Gerard Pique brings new lover home he once shared with Shakira


Gerard Pique brings new lover home he once shared with Shakira
Gerard Pique brings new lover home he once shared with Shakira

His ex-partner and his son's mother's accusatory songs, her departure to Miami with the children, and his unsuccessful attempts to silence the same revengeful songs that restaurant owners play when he appears with a new girlfriend in Barcelona led Gerard Pique to take a significant step.

He moved from an apartment he shared with his new partner, Clara Chia Marti, in the city center of Barcelona to a house in the city of Cambrils a few miles from the beach, where they have been living ever since. Aside from the greater privacy, the former soccer player took refuge under his mother Montserrat Bernabeu's protective wing, according to Spanish media, a doctor who allegedly interfered in Shakira's relationship with him often.

Pique's life with the Colombian pop star brought many memories to the house. The building was the same building by the sea where Shakira moved to Barcelona in 2012. It was there they spent the most beautiful time with their oldest son, Milan, who is 10 years old.

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The majority of people could not understand why they later moved from the suburbs near his parents to the center of Barcelona. Perhaps he may not have thought of that, due to the fact that his mother always liked to keep close tabs on him.

During their move to a new home in August 2021, Shakira and Pique welcomed the arrival of their youngest son, 8-year-old Sasha, but at the same time, Pique brought Clara to the same house when Shakira was not home, which was caught on a video accidentally taken in August 2021 when the famous singer announced ten months before that she had split from the former football player with whom she had spent 11 years.

As for Clara, she didn't realize that she had been included in the frame, and Shakira was devastated when the recording from August 2021 was revealed - 10 months before they announced their separation. During the same period of time, Clara darkened Shakira's strawberry jam, eventually leading her to suspect her previously faithful partner, which she revealed in the song she decided to deal with.

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