Jenna Ortega Denies Rumors of a Romance with Johnny Depp

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Jenna Ortega Denies Rumors of a Romance with Johnny Depp
Jenna Ortega Denies Rumors of a Romance with Johnny Depp © Getty Images Entertainment/Jamie McCarthy

In recent times, the buzzing world of Hollywood has never been short of romantic rumors and wild speculations. However, the latest piece of tittle-tattle surrounding young sensation Jenna Ortega and veteran actor Johnny Depp has caught more than its fair share of public attention.

"This is So Ridiculous"

The online website, Deux Moi, fanned the flames by reporting an alleged romantic date between Jenna Ortega, the 20-year-old leading star of the hit series "Wednesday," and the 60-year-old Pirates of the Caribbean icon, Johnny Depp.

As the whispers grew louder, Ortega took it upon herself to address the situation head-on. Choosing not to mince her words, Ortega said, "This is so ridiculous I can’t even laugh." She further clarified, "I have never met or worked with Johnny Depp in my life.

Please stop spreading lies and leave us alone." It's rare for young stars to address rumors so directly, but Ortega's conviction was evident in her statement. A spokesperson for Johnny Depp was equally dismissive, firmly stating, "Mr.

Depp has no personal or professional relationship with Ms. Ortega whatsoever. He has never met her or spoken to her…He is appalled by these baseless and malicious rumors that are intended to harm his reputation and career."

A Rising Star with Clear Priorities

It's been a whirlwind journey for Jenna Ortega, who, thanks to her role in "Wednesday," has cemented her place as one of today's most popular and sought-after actresses.

But even amidst her meteoric rise, Ortega remains grounded in her priorities. Earlier this year, in a candid reflection on her personal life, she remarked, “Maybe I am too obsessed with my work, but the idea of relationships stresses me out”.

She further delved into the intricacies of vulnerability in relationships, sharing, “And also being that vulnerable with someone and having to get to know someone that well and having someone see you for all that you are”.

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