Musk's Biography: Vodka in Moscow Leads to Fainting

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Musk's Biography: Vodka in Moscow Leads to Fainting
Musk's Biography: Vodka in Moscow Leads to Fainting © Getty Images Entertainment/Dimitrios Kambouris

Elon Musk stands apart. Not just because of his unparalleled success with ventures like SpaceX and Tesla, but due to the intriguingly multifaceted nature of his personality. Walter Isaacson's latest biography on the tech magnate dives deep into this complexity, painting a detailed portrait of a man both inspiring and intimidating.

Multiple Personalities, One Musk

Isaacson's book, which hit the shelves this Tuesday, provides a deep dive into Musk's life, showcasing various shades of his persona. "There are multiple Elon Musk personalities," Isaacson told The Atlantic.

This multi-dimensional aspect ranges from instances when Musk can be "just brutal" to times when he emerges as "an incredibly focused engineer." Navigating this complexity was both challenging and fascinating for Isaacson.

He remarked, "One of the exciting challenges is navigating the many Elon Musks, which, unlike anybody else I've written about, are quite vivid and different."

From Twitter to Tesla: A Mixed Bag

However, not all aspects of Musk's involvement have been painted in a positive light.

Isaacson believes that Musk's relationship with Twitter, referred to as today's X platform, has been "really problematic." Conversely, his pioneering work with electric vehicles through Tesla has been hailed as "actually quite helpful." Isaacson captures the essence of Musk's dual nature, observing how he oscillates from "engineering mode to demon mode," capable of both reckless actions and groundbreaking achievements.

Vodka in Moscow: A Glimpse into the Unexpected

Another fascinating tidbit from the biography recounts Musk's memorable trip to Moscow. In a back room of a Moscow restaurant, Musk, along with his companions, were treated to "small bites of food interspersed with large shots of vodka." The Russians showcased their characteristic hospitality, gifting each member of Musk's trio a bottle of vodka adorned with custom labels depicting each recipient on Mars.

The combination of food and vodka led to an unexpected outcome. “I calculated the weight of the food and the weight of the vodka, and they were roughly equal,” Musk confided in Isaacson. Unfortunately, the equilibrium didn't bode well for Musk, who, as Isaacson vividly described, "passed out, and his head slammed into the table."

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