Sophie Turner Sues Joe Jonas to Bring Children Back to England


Sophie Turner Sues Joe Jonas to Bring Children Back to England
Sophie Turner Sues Joe Jonas to Bring Children Back to England © Getty Images Entertainment/Dia Dipasupil

In a twist that seems more apt for a drama series than real life, "Game of Thrones" actress Sophie Turner and musician Joe Jonas are now in the midst of a transatlantic custody tussle. Court documents obtained by CNN have revealed that Turner has recently petitioned in New York City for Jonas to return their children to their residence in England.

Meeting in the Big Apple

The couple met in New York just this past Sunday. Jonas's representative told CNN, “Joe and Sophie had a cordial meeting... when Sophie came to New York to be with the kids. They have been with her since that meeting”.

From Jonas's perspective, the meeting was indicative of the pair working towards an understanding, ideally an "amicable co-parenting setup”. The representative further emphasized Jonas’s hope that Turner would “reconsider her harsh legal position” and suggested a more private and constructive approach.

Central to Jonas's concerns is, unsurprisingly, the well-being of their children.

A Surprise in the Media

The situation took a turn for the dramatic when Turner claimed to have learned about Jonas's filing for divorce, which occurred on September 5 after four years of matrimony, through the media.

This raises questions about communication within the relationship, especially on matters as critical as separation. Turner's petition sheds light on the couple’s recent endeavors to locate their “forever home” in England.

Reportedly, prior to the dissolution of their marriage, they had come to a mutual agreement about settling in the UK. A central point in Turner’s argument is the integration of their children into English daily and cultural life.

However, Jonas's representative countered this, pointing out the children’s deep-rooted American identity. “The children were born in the U.S. and have spent the vast majority of their lives in the U.S. They are American citizens,” he stated, emphasizing Jonas's desire for shared parenting across the two countries.

The unfolding drama underscores the complexities of international relationships, and as the world watches, one hopes for a resolution that places the children's best interests at its heart.