Ronaldo Bought a Famous Media House: Employees Received a Surprise and a Bonus Check

Cristiano Ronaldo assumed control of "Cofina Media," a company with which he had frequent privacy-related disagreements in the past

by Sededin Dedovic
Ronaldo Bought a Famous Media House: Employees Received a Surprise and a Bonus Check
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In a surprising turn of events, Cristiano Ronaldo has assumed control of the media conglomerate "Cofina Media," a company he had frequently clashed with in the past over privacy concerns. Demonstrating a remarkable gesture, the Portuguese football icon invested a staggering 57,000,000 euros in the company and initiated his tenure by disbursing generous bonuses to all its dedicated employees.

A substantial sum of 1,250 euros was personally handed to each worker, marking a heartfelt acknowledgment of their unwavering commitment. The distribution of bonuses, communicated via email, serves as a tangible expression of gratitude to each contributor fostering the prosperity of this vast media enterprise.

Portuguese media outlets have diligently reported on this generous acknowledgment, highlighting Ronaldo's commitment to recognizing and appreciating the collective efforts of the company's workforce. Cofina Media, renowned for its array of magazines and the prominent CMTV network, had a contentious history with Ronaldo, resulting in no less than 11 legal battles between the parties.

Journalists associated with the company often delved into Ronaldo's private life, prompting a slew of lawsuits. However, Ronaldo has now opted for an unconventional approach by acquiring the very entity that once scrutinized him, ensuring job security for all existing employees.

Under Ronaldo's ownership, the only perceptible alteration is the rebranding of the media company to "Expressao Livre." Despite the discomfort stemming from past conflicts, employees remain optimistic about their job security.

One employee stated: "We know we often intruded on his personal life, sometimes without justification, but he comprehends our profession. Contrary to common belief, nobody fears losing their job under Ronaldo's ownership.

He recognizes the significance of our roles, especially in sports journalism." Ronaldo's unanticipated acquisition not only symbolizes a substantial financial commitment but also underscores his dedication to cultivating a harmonious workplace and reconciling with a once-contentious company.

This transformative move, marked by the acquisition and subsequent rebranding, showcases Ronaldo's profound impact on reshaping the media landscape, signaling a departure from past animosities toward a future characterized by collaboration and positive engagement.

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