Margot Robbie's glass hair: Unveiling the C Cut technique

Margot Robbie appeared on the red carpet at Variety magazine's Power Of Women event with her hair incredibly shiny

by Sededin Dedovic
Margot Robbie's glass hair: Unveiling the C Cut technique
© Kayla Oaddams / Getty Images

Margot Robbie, the Australian actress known for her captivating blonde locks, has once again set a new trend in the world of hairstyles. Her recent appearance at Variety magazine's Power Of Women event showcased her hair in an incredibly shiny and sleek style, leaving hairdressers and beauty enthusiasts in awe.

The secret behind this radiant look lies in a unique haircut technique known as the C cut, a technique that is taking the hair world by storm. The C cut, also known as the curve cut, is a layered haircut that involves shorter layers framing the face, gradually increasing in length towards the back.

These layers are then styled to curl inwards, creating a subtle C-shaped silhouette around the face. This technique not only adds volume and movement to the hair but also enhances its shine, making it appear almost glass-like.

Why the C Cut Works

The C cut's effectiveness in achieving a glossy finish can be attributed to several factors. Firstly, the shorter layers around the face allow for better product distribution, ensuring that the shine-enhancing products are evenly applied.

Secondly, the inward curl of the layers helps to reflect light, creating an illusion of mirror-like shine. Finally, the layered structure of the haircut adds dimension and texture, further enhancing the overall shine. The C cut is not only suitable for blonde hair but also works beautifully on brunettes and redheads.

The technique can be adapted to various hair lengths, from short bobs to long, flowing tresses. Additionally, the C cut can be styled in a variety of ways, from sleek and straight to bouncy and voluminous.

Margot Robbie's Inspiration

Margot Robbie's adoption of the C cut has brought this technique into the spotlight, inspiring countless individuals to recreate her glass-like hair.

With its ability to enhance shine, add volume, and create a playful and versatile look, the C cut is poised to become a staple in hairstyling trends. Margot Robbie conquered the world in a short time with her beauty and acting. Among many famous personalities, she was in the center of attention of journalists.