The Most Googled Recipes of 2023

On the Google trends page, you can see what was Googled the most in which country, but also in the whole world

by Sededin Dedovic
The Most Googled Recipes of 2023
© Galore Of Flavors / Youtube channel

The Google Trends page reveals fascinating insights into what captured the world's attention in 2023. From the most searched people and athletes to movies, series, games, and songs, the list delves into diverse categories, including, surprisingly, recipes.

Let's embark on a culinary journey through the top 10 most Googled recipes of 2023: 1. Bibimbap: A Korean Symphony of Flavors Taking the crown is Bibimbap, a vibrant Korean rice dish whose name translates to "mixed rice." This visually stunning dish layers fluffy rice with an assortment of colorful namul (seasoned vegetables), gochujang chili paste, and often, a fried egg and thinly sliced meat.

Every bite is an explosion of textures and tastes, making Bibimbap a well-deserved champion. 2. Espeto: Spanish Sardines on a Skewer Sun-kissed and smoky, Espeto brings the coastal flavors of southern Spain to life. This simple yet delectable dish features sardines skewered on wooden sticks and grilled over charcoal.

Drizzled with olive oil and kissed with salt, these sardines are best enjoyed with your fingers, soaking in the atmosphere of a seaside escape. 3. Papeda: Indonesia's Sago Surprise Hailing from Indonesia, Papeda is an intriguing dish made from sago palm starch.

Its gluey texture might raise eyebrows, but its mild flavor and versatility make it a local favorite. Often served with curries or stews, Papeda adds a unique dimension to the Indonesian culinary landscape. 4. Scooped Bagel: A Trendy Take on a Classic The humble bagel gets a modern makeover with the "scooped" trend.

This involves removing the inner part of the bagel, creating a sturdy edible cup ready to be filled with sweet or savory delights. From creamy avocado to smoked salmon, the possibilities are endless, making scooped bagels a playful and delicious twist on tradition.

5. Pasta e Fagioli: Italy's Hearty Bean and Pasta Union Warm and comforting, Pasta e Fagioli is a timeless Italian soup that combines pasta with beans, creating a symphony of textures and flavors. This hearty dish, often featuring small pasta like macaroni, is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser, perfect for cozy nights in or celebratory gatherings.

6. Coronation Quiche: A Royal Recipe Fit for a Queen Fit for a queen, the Coronation Quiche was chosen by Queen Camilla for her coronation celebrations in May 2023. This elegant dish boasts a delicate crust filled with eggs, spinach, beans, and a touch of fresh tarragon.

A taste of royalty, indeed! 7. Tacaca: A Flavorful Amazonian Adventure Travel to the heart of the Amazon with Tacaca, a Brazilian dish bursting with exotic flavors. Made with jambu leaves, tucupi sauce, tapioca starch, shrimp, and a fiery pepper, Tacaca is served warm in a traditional cuia gourd, offering a unique and unforgettable culinary experience.

8. Black Cake: A Caribbean Celebration of Richness Living up to its name, Black Cake is a dense and flavorful dessert popular in the Caribbean. Infused with allspice and rum, this cake often features molasses, dark brown sugar, red wine, and a medley of dried fruits.

Its rich taste and cultural significance make it a cherished part of Caribbean celebrations. 9. Ashura: A Sweet Journey Through Faith and Tradition Also known as Noah's pudding, Ashura is a sweet dish with deep cultural and religious roots.

Traditionally prepared on the Islamic holiday of Ashura, this dessert varies in ingredients but always features at least seven elements, symbolizing abundance and blessings. From wheat and barley to dried fruits and nuts, Ashura is a delightful journey through faith and tradition.

10. Smelt: A Delicate Catch from the Sea Rounding out the list is Smelt, a small, delicate fish found in both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Its mild flavor and versatility make it a popular choice for pan-frying, baking, or grilling. Whether enjoyed on its own or incorporated into larger dishes, Smelt offers a taste of the sea's bounty.