Kanye West Says Sorry in Hebrew Amidst Music Release Hype


Kanye West Says Sorry in Hebrew Amidst Music Release Hype
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Kanye West, now legally known as Ye, has extended an apology to the Jewish community in the wake of his recent antisemitic remarks. The artist took to Instagram on Tuesday to share his message, written in Hebrew, expressing regret for any hurt his words or actions may have caused.

The post quickly garnered attention, amassing over a million likes by Tuesday morning.

"It was never my intention to hurt or disrespect, and I deeply regret any pain I may have caused," Ye's message stated.
He expressed a commitment to learning, ensuring "greater sensitivity and understanding" moving forward, and a dedication to making amends and promoting unity.

Reaction and the Road Ahead

The apology, coming just ahead of the expected release of his new music collection titled "Vultures," has elicited responses from various quarters, including the Anti-Defamation League (ADL).

In a statement to CNN, the ADL acknowledged the apology as a potential first step on a long journey towards making amends.

"After causing untold damage by using his vast influence and platform to poison countless minds with vicious antisemitism and hate, an apology in Hebrew may be the first step on a long journey towards making amends to the Jewish community and all those who he has hurt,” the ADL noted.

They emphasized that actions would speak louder than words but welcomed this initial act of contrition.

The timing of Ye's apology is notable, given the controversies surrounding his upcoming music release. His recent performance in Dubai and subsequent events have sparked criticism over lyrics and remarks.

The release of "Vultures" has been pushed to January, with details on its distribution still unclear. Ye's history of offensive statements extends beyond the Jewish community, targeting the Black community and other public figures.

His conduct led to major companies like Adidas and Balenciaga severing ties with him. Adidas, for instance, put their partnership under review in October 2022 after Ye wore a shirt with the phrase “White Lives Matter,” identified by the ADL as a hate slogan.