Who will replace King Charles III during his post-surgery recovery?

Camilla, William or some other member of the Royal Family?

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Who will replace King Charles III during his post-surgery recovery?
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Who will replace King Charles III during his recovery from prostate surgery? The sovereign of the United Kingdom announced, a few hours after the news of Kate Middleton's hospitalization, that he will have to undergo surgery due to a very common male problem.

The sovereign moved to Sandringham, in the English county of Norfolk, to spend the weekend before the surgery, scheduled for the beginning of next week.

But who will replace him during his hospitalization? In the event of absence, due to various reasons such as travel, holidays or illness, the Councilors of State replace the King. Among them, Prince Harry, second son of Charles III, and Prince Andrew, the king's first male brother, have been left out. 

According to what was reported by Buckingham Palace, the surgery to which King Charles III will undergo will not actually require the use of forms of temporary formal substitution by the Consellors of State, which includes Queen Consort Camilla and the four princes of royal blood. above 21 years of age higher in the line of succession to the throne. So, given the facts, in theory it would be Camilla, William, and the king's other two brothers, Anna and Edward, who could rule the kingdom in the meantime that King Charles III is convalescing.

King Charles and Camilla
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King Charles moves to Sandringham

As I told you at the beginning of the article, Charles III moved from the private residence of Birkhall in Scotland to the royal residence of Sandringham, in the English county of Norfolk. Photographers captured an image of the sovereign sitting in the back seat of a car as he left the airport at the Marham RAF base after a short flight.

It was thought that King Charles' surgery would be in London, where Princess Kate is hospitalized, but Buckingham Palace refused to specify whether it will be in the British capital or in Scotland.

We recall benign prostatic hypertrophy is a condition in which the prostate becomes hyperplastic. King Charles is suffering from a clinical syndrome in which the enlargement of the gland is associated with difficulty in expelling urine and urinary disorders.