King Charles III is undergoing prostate surgery and visited Kate Middleton

His Majesty underwent prostate surgery in the same hospital, the London Clinic, the same one in which is the Princess of Wales

by Lorenzo Ciotti
King Charles III is undergoing prostate surgery and visited Kate Middleton
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According to the BBC, King Charles III, who is undergoing prostate surgery, visited Kate Middleton this morning. The Princess of Wales, wife of the heir to the throne, Prince William, is admitted to the London Clinic due to an unspecified abdominal problem.

A problem which, as stated by Buckingham Palace, cannot be attributed to cancer. King Charles is undergoing prostate surgery in the same hospital, the London Clinic. His Majesty arrived at the clinic accompanied by Queen Camilla, but it is not yet known how long he will have to remain hospitalized.

King Charles' public engagements have been canceled since Buckingham Palace announced the surgery. "His Majesty would like to thank everyone who has sent their well-wishes over the past week and is delighted to hear that his diagnosis is having a positive impact on public health awareness," Buckingham Palace said in a statement last week.

the hospitalization of the sovereign. Reliable court sources cited by the BBC assure that the operation went well and that the condition of the sovereign, who was hospitalized this morning, is good.

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Tessa Dunlop expressed on King Charles and Kate Middleton

Tessa Dunlop told the Mirror, talking about King Charles and the Princes of Wales Kate Middleton: "The statement containing private matters about the King's health immediately following the news of the Princess of Wales's major abdominal surgery was deliberate.

Likewise, the timing was off from his daughter-in-law's major operation. The private details regarding his prostate gave the public something else to ponder. King Charles' statement served to highlight the absence of any real details regarding the condition of Kate.

The protective King may also have said: Here is some information about me, but keep your prying eyes away from my daughter-in-law. It is very unusual for the royal family to disclose private health matters. From this point of view the information shared on The king's enlarged prostates were unprecedented and were also cunning."

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