Prince Harry Landed In London To Visit Father Charles But Didn't Meet Brother William

The royal princely brothers are still as emotionally and physically separated as opposite shores of the ocean, the Associated Press estimates

by Sededin Dedovic
Prince Harry Landed In London To Visit Father Charles But Didn't Meet Brother William
© Justin Setterfield / Getty Images

Britain's Prince Harry recently flew over 8,000 kilometers from Los Angeles to London to visit his father, King Charles III, who is battling cancer. However, despite this emotional occasion, Harry did not meet his brother, Prince William, during his brief visit, which lasted less than 24 hours.

The media quickly reported on Harry's arrival at London's Heathrow Airport, and photos showed the prince arriving from America. After a short visit to his father at the royal residence of Clarence House in London, Harry seems to be returning to his life in California.

On the other hand, Prince William has returned to his official duties after his wife, the Duchess of Cambridge, underwent abdominal surgery. After a stay in a private hospital in London, the Duchess is now recovering at home.

Prince William was busy presenting medals to winners at Windsor Castle and attending a charity dinner in aid of London Ambulance Service. This visit again highlighted the emotional and physical distance between the royal brothers.

Prince Harry and Prince William lost their mother, Princess Diana, as children, and their paths diverged as they grew up. While Prince William is first in line to inherit the throne, Prince Harry is only fifth in line, behind William and his children.

But that was not the reason for the "discord" between the brothers, but simply after the death of their mother, the two drifted apart. The relationship between the two princes has become the subject of media attention, especially after Prince Harry published a memoir called "Spare" last year, in which he described a complex relationship with his brother and the royal family.

Since that book was published, the two have seen each other only occasionally, mostly formally and briefly. Although Prince Harry did not often mention his brother William in a negative context, the British media cite this as the reason for the total cooling of relations.

Harry is already returning to his family in California, and William is performing his royal duties in Great Britain. The public continues to monitor the situation with the king's health, but every step these princes take attracts attention.