King Charles for the first time in public since his cancer diagnosis / VIDEO

He was walking with his wife Camila going to the church of Saint Mary Magdalene

by Sededin Dedovic
King Charles for the first time in public since his cancer diagnosis / VIDEO
© Peter Nicholls / Getty Images

King Charles made his first public appearance on Sunday, his first since announcing his cancer diagnosis, accompanied by Queen Camilla on a visit to St Mary Magdalene Church in Sandringham, Norfolk. This event attracted the attention of the British media and public, who showed support for the king during his treatment.

Charles arrived at the church walking beside Camila, umbrella in hand. The public appearance was the first since Buckingham Palace announced last week that the king had "a form of cancer", after being diagnosed during a routine check-up for a benign prostate enlargement.

The news surprised the entire world public, and now we could see the king live for the first time since that day.

After a brief meeting with the Duke of Sussex last Tuesday, the king withdrew from the public eye.

However, he spoke out on Saturday to thank the support he has received from so many people, noting how sharing his diagnosis has helped advance the public's understanding of cancer. Charles, after his diagnosis, postponed all his public duties, but he still works, just not in the public eye and not at such a pace as before.

During his treatment, other members of the royal family take on additional duties and engagements to support the king's recovery process. The king has been in Sandringham since the diagnosis, where he has been spending time since the start of treatment.

This imposing estate, set on 8,000 acres in Norfolk, on the east coast of England, provides the King with privacy and peace during this challenging period. Buckingham Palace called for the king's privacy to be respected during his treatment, but stressed the importance of publicizing the diagnosis because of the king's support for cancer charities.

The reactions of medical experts to the king's honesty regarding his health condition were positive. The king's openness and transparency about his battle with cancer contribute to raising awareness and understanding of this disease.

In one of the most difficult moments in his life, he showed his humane side and once again amazed the public. In this difficult period, the support of King Charles from his family, friends and the public, plays a key role in his recovery process, as medical experts themselves have clearly said.