California's Death Valley Comes to Life: New Lake Keeps Expanding

Death Valley is called that for a reason. Namely, this desert valley in eastern California is one of the harshest environments for life on Earth, and has recently been home to a strange new lake that continues to fill.

by Sededin Dedovic
California's Death Valley Comes to Life: New Lake Keeps Expanding
© Mario Tama / Getty Images

Death Valley - A name that evokes chills and fascination in equal measure. Located in eastern California, this desert plain is known for its extreme conditions, where life is rare and deadly drought reigns supreme. However, in a series of surprising events, this landscape received a new feature - a lake, which seemed to emerge from the sand like a miracle of nature, and grows more and more every day.

Death Valley is not known for its abundant rainfall. On the contrary, droughts are frequent here, and water is a precious resource that is often difficult to obtain. But the year 2023 brought something new and unexpected - a lake that spontaneously appeared due to extreme weather conditions.

The California National Park, which includes part of this region, experienced unusually high rainfall during Hurricane Hillary, which caused surprise among onlookers when a body of water emerged from the sand and rock. At first, it looked like the lake would evaporate quickly, but instead, it began to grow, expanding more and more.

NASA images from above earth© KCRA 3 / YOutube channel

But what is the cause of this unusual phenomenon? Experts have concluded that the lake is the result of condensation of atmospheric moisture, known as an atmospheric river, which condenses and turns into rain when it comes in contact with land.

So, although this valley was once known for its drought and vast salt plain, we are now witnessing the unexpected appearance of a growing lake. Abby Vines, an experienced ranger at Death Valley National Park, said, “I've never seen anything like it.

I thought this lake would disappear quickly, but instead, it's getting bigger and deeper every day." The scientific community is also intrigued by this phenomenon. Although similar lakes have existed in the past, the last time the largest lake on Earth was formed was about 11 million years ago.

Only recently have scientists become aware of this phenomenon, thanks to the rapid advancement of technology and research. This unexpected lake became the center of attention, attracting scientists, adventurers and the curious from all over the world.

As it expands daily, bringing new life to this harsh landscape, Death Valley becomes a place where nature continually proves itself an unpredictable and often miraculous force.