Redheaded Bombshell Christina Hendricks Celebrates Love with Three-Day Wedding

The wedding of 48-year-old Christina Hendricks and her chosen one, George Bianchini, took place in the historic Napoleon House in New Orleans.

by Sededin Dedovic
Redheaded Bombshell Christina Hendricks Celebrates Love with Three-Day Wedding
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Fatal actress recognizable by her red hair and lush bust, Christina Hendricks, married cinematographer George Bianchini, and they spared no expense at the wedding, choosing Napoleon's house in New Orleans as the location.

Hendricks told People magazine that both she and Bianchini, a cinematographer who has worked on numerous films and TV shows, chose New Orleans for their wedding because "they both have a special connection to the city." "New Orleans is a place I always liked to go to before I met George, and a place he always liked to visit even before he met me.

When we started dating, we lived on opposite sides of the country , miles away from each other, and New Orleans was somehow in the middle. I feel like we are together in our city, so there was no doubt where we would get married," she recounted.

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The wedding planning process was somewhat challenging as she worked on it while in Ireland filming the TV series "Small Town, Big Story".

"I just told myself that at the end of the day, it's important that all our friends and family are together and happy and satisfied. If nothing else works, I'd order us pizza and we'd have a good time," she said. The three-day wedding celebration began with a welcome cocktail, held in a small villa on the "Soniat House" estate, followed by a tour of the French Quarter.

The villa also served the couple as a "base" during the weekend and a place for preparing various festivities. For the actual wedding in Napoleon's house, Hendricks says there were "a lot of flowers", and for the ceremony, the bride wore a lacy white dress that hid her magnificent breasts, which earned her the title of owner of the "most lush cleavage".

Napoleon's house was named after him because the mayor at the time, Nicholas Girod, offered him refuge there during his exile. The couple, who started dating in 2020 and got engaged in February 2023, had just 76 guests at their wedding, a number Hendricks says was perfect for her and Bianchini.

'It seemed like the right amount for us to be able to embrace and commit to everyone without feeling overwhelmed,' she explained, adding: 'But it's not a small, intimate wedding. No, we wanted a big celebration'

Christina Hendricks attends the Elton John AIDS Foundations 31st Annual Academy Awards Viewing Party on March 12, 2023 in West H© Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images

The process of planning the wedding was a bit challenging as she was doing it while filming the TV series 'Small Town, Big Story' in Ireland.

The three-day celebration began with a welcome cocktail party and a tour of the French Quarter on Friday, while the wedding and reception at Napoleon's House were scheduled for Saturday. The wedding was led by her close friend Shirley Manson, singer of the rock band "Garbage".

"It was very exciting for us because I really think Shirley is one of the most extraordinary writers and musicians. Watching her, and her marriage to her husband Billy Bush, we realized that we wanted to operate that way," said the acting star.

The couple hand-wrote their vows to each other, which Hendrix found to be one of the most difficult items on their wedding to-do list.

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After exchanging vows, the newlyweds embarked on a traditional New Orleans second-line parade.

The streets came alive with music and joyful energy as the couple, along with their guests, danced through the city under a canopy of colorful parasols and umbrellas. This cultural immersion exemplified the joyful spirit of New Orleans and perfectly captured the essence of their celebration.

Hendricks and Bianchini then treated their guests to a multi-course dinner that appropriately included Southern New Orleans dishes. The menu included steak and shrimp and grits, and instead of wedding cake, they ate Bananas Foster, Hendricks' favorite dessert, while the restaurant staff flambéed each guest's dish right at their table.

The wedding weekend ended with a celebratory lunch on Sunday, April 21. The couple, who began dating in 2020 and got engaged in February 2023, had just 76 guests at their wedding, a number Hendricks says was perfect for both her and Bianchini.

By the way, she divorced her ex-husband, actor Geoffrey Arend, after 10 years of marriage, and they announced the news to the public in a joint statement. '12 years ago we fell in love and became partners. We brought our families together, laughed, had wonderful friends and were blessed with incredible opportunities that came our way.

Today, we are moving a step further together, but on separate paths. We will always be grateful for the love we shared and will always work together to take care of our dogs. We will take time to find myself again in this transitional period and we thank you for your patience and support,' they wrote at the time.