Nikola Tesla's Forecasts: From Smartphones and Wi-Fi to Electric Vehicles and Drones

His predictions of the future made him a true prophet of the future, and from today's perspective it seems incredible how this man predicted the technological development of humanity that we live in today

by Sededin Dedovic
Nikola Tesla's Forecasts: From Smartphones and Wi-Fi to Electric Vehicles and Drones
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One of the original technological superstars was certainly the inventor Nikola Tesla (1856-1943), the creator of almost 700 patents who has since become more than a cult hero. Tesla's name adorns one of today's largest technological companies, and his future predictions have made him a true prophet of the future.

1. Smartphones
Tesla envisioned a wireless device that would support both telephone technology and operate over a network like the Internet. His description of the device from 1926 sounds just like a smartphone: "When wireless technology spreads, the whole Earth will turn into one 'big brain.'

We will be able to communicate with each other whenever we want, regardless of distance. And not only that, but we will be perfectly able to see and hear each other through television and telephone, regardless of the distance, which could be even several thousand kilometers, and the devices that will enable us to do so will be very simple compared to today's phones.

A person will carry the phone in their pocket," said Nikola Tesla. 2. Wi-Fi
It is known that Tesla advocated for wireless technology on which he worked a lot, although he often encountered misunderstanding and resistance from the scientific community.

"When wireless transmission of electric power becomes commercial, the mode of transportation, as well as the mode of transmission of information, will completely change. After all, we are already witnessing the transmission of images over short distances.

Thirty years ago, we did not believe that such a thing could be possible. In the future, the principles themselves will not change, only the technology will further develop," he stated in an interview back in 1926.

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Electric Cars
Yes, he understood what would happen, and it only took 118 years for Tesla's predictions to be turned into reality by the owner of the eponymous company and one of the great innovators of today, Elon Musk. Nikola Tesla constructed a mysterious car in 1930 that operated using an antenna and two strange metal rods protruding from an "energy receiver" mounted under the dashboard.

The original gasoline engine in the car was replaced by a round, completely enclosed electric motor. The car was tested for a week and effortlessly reached speeds of up to 144 km/h. The car emitted no emissions, but after a week of testing, the mysterious "receiver" was removed, and the electric motor was replaced with the original gasoline engine.

4. Wireless Energy Transmission
Wireless transmission of electrical energy in the world is unfortunately still an unrealized dream, but if Nikola Tesla lived in the 21st century, it would already be achieved. To prove that this concept is not just a utopia, Tesla began construction of the so-called Wardenclyff Tower.

This tower was designed for the potential transmission and improvement of transoceanic energy transmission and transoceanic communication, and it was supposed to serve for research into the concept of wireless transmission of electrical energy.

Tesla believed that unlimited amounts of electrical energy could be transmitted wirelessly to any location on the planet through the tower, without the use of conventional means of transmission such as copper cables, but to this day, it has not been proven that such transmission of electrical energy is possible.

Tesla seen in his NYC apartment in 1916© Rare Photos Central/ Youtube channel

5. Drone Technology
Tesla claimed that "electrically powered airships will transport passengers from New York to London in three hours," traveling at 13 kilometers above the Earth.

He also claimed that these ships would draw energy from the atmosphere and would never need refueling. "Aircraft will be pilotless and will be used to transport passengers to specific destinations or for remotely controlled air strikes," he said.

6. Women and Power
Another thing Tesla predicted in the same interview is that men would become inferior to women. "This struggle for gender equality will end with a new order in which women will be superior. This equality, and later superiority, will not be achieved through shallow physical imitation but through awakening the intellect of women," Tesla said.

7. Flying Vehicles
The legendary inventor revealed in an interview with the New York Herald in 1911 that he was working on an aircraft that would defy gravity. "My machine will have neither wings nor propellers. When you see it on the ground, you won't even assume it's an aircraft.

Nevertheless, it will fly at speeds never before achieved and will be very safe. Also, it will be able to levitate in place for a long time despite strong winds," Tesla said. In one of his interviews, he said: "I predict the development of the flying machine longer than the automobile, and I expect Mr.

Ford to make a great contribution in this area. The problem of parking cars and building long roads will thus be solved."