Kate Middleton's celebrates Prince Williams' birthday with tender photo-family

The Princess of Wales portrayed her family in a moving photo, sending a beautiful message to her husband, William the Prince of Wales on his birthday

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Kate Middleton's celebrates Prince Williams' birthday with tender photo-family
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Her Royal Highness, Kate, The Princess of Wales shared a very tender photo on the official Instagram profile in which her husband, His Royal Highness William, the Prince of Wales, with their three children, jumping on a beach, over a bush, with amused expressions. Kate shared the photo on the occasion of Williams' birthday, who celebrated his 42nd birthday.

The photo shows William holding the hands of his children George, Charlotte and Louis as they jump on the sand dunes. A sweet message from Kate said: "Happy birthday dad, we all love you so much!"

According to the Mirror, the photo was taken last month by Kate while the family was in Norfolk. Meanwhile, Kate returned to attend a public event, appearing with the rest of the Royal Family on the balcony of Buckingham Palace for the Trooping the Colour.

Richard Eden, in the MailOnline, said, on the future of the Royal Family: "When the older members of the family retire, His Royal Highness William will not invite anyone else to become working royals. It remains to be seen whether he will want his two youngest children become working royals."

HRH Kate, The Princess of Wales
HRH Kate, The Princess of Wales© John Phillips / Stringer Getty Images

In the meantime, as also reported by Celeb Tattler, it seems that Meghan Markle wants to make peace with Kate, after years of family tensions. Meghan and her husband, Prince Harry, would like to return to the Royal Family, and this is why - as reported by Closer - Meghan is trying to mend relations with the Princess of Wales:

"Meghan hopes her feelings will be communicated to Kate through their mutual friends. There is no doubt that making peace with William and Kate would be a huge relief for Meghan on many levels, as well as improving her reputation and, consequently, the new lifestyle brand she has recently launched. Both Harry and Meghan have followed Kate's recovery with enormous interest, but unfortunately it has been necessary to do so from afar because their lines of communication with the palace and in particular with the Princes of Wales are very limited they are both relieved and happy to know that she is on the mend and she may soon return to her royal duties. They sent Kate a joint message."

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