Redmond’s Microsoft claims Israeli Group sold tools to hack Windows

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Redmond’s Microsoft claims Israeli Group sold tools to hack Windows

Microsoft Corp., the Redmond, Washington-headquartered American multinational tech conglomerate had said in a statement on Thursday that an Israeli group had been selling off tools to penetrate its flagship Windows operating systems around the globe, opening up a new frontier in the United States’ battle against a wave of cyberattacks, while, a human rights group Citizen Lab had reaffirmed Microsoft Corp’s claim, but declined to comment on whether the tools were being deployed against US-based agencies.

Aside from that, the Citizen Lab had told in a statement issued on Thursday that an Israeli hacking tool, called as Candiru, created and sold off by a secretive Israeli industry that used to find weaknesses in a certain system for their clients, had been behind a series of cybersecurity breaches over recent past.

Microsoft claims Israeli group sold off tools to hack into Windows

On top of that, followed by the release of Microsoft statement, several technical analysts had stressed that the Israeli secretive company’s hacking tool had been sold off around the world to unnamed customers, while the hacking tool had been exploited to break into a swathe of civil and federal agencies including a breach into a Saudi dissident group alongside an Indonesian news outlet, the statement from Citizen Labs and Microsoft had unveiled.

Nevertheless, as Microsoft had claimed to have discovered and fixed the flaws through a software update on Tuesday, addressing to the scale of risks the secretive spyware companies could possess, Citizen Labs said in a statement, “Candiru's growing presence, and the use of its surveillance technology against global civil society, is a potent reminder that the mercenary spyware industry contains many players and is prone to widespread abuse.