Palo Alto’s Theranos founder Holmes claims abuse by ex-boyfriend in fraud trial

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Palo Alto’s Theranos founder Holmes claims abuse by ex-boyfriend in fraud trial

Elizabeth Holmes, the founder of a now-defunct medical technology company Theranos established back in 2003s - once touted as a breakthrough technology enterprise - that could perform tests with a very small amount of blood in automated devices developed by the company, had accused her ex-boyfriend of emotional and psychological abuse in a fraud trial which had alleged Holmes of plausible conspiracy and wire fraud.

Nevertheless, with latest allegations of Holmes against her former boyfriend Ramesh ‘Sunny’ Balwani, who had been the president of the blood-testing start-up, being seen as a possible defence stratagem ahead of jury selection on her fraud trial scheduled to begin as early as next week, a court filing submitted more than a year and a half ago, Holmes’ lawyer had said that Balwani had abused Holmes emotionally and psychologically in a relationship that stretched over a decade including the period, when the company had been touted as one of the sizzling medical technology start-up that could perform wide-ranging medical tests with a small amount of blood, stoking doubts on whether Holmes had been vying to vent out a way to depreciate her obligations in the company, thereafter in the fraud trial.

Theranos founder Holmes claims abuse by ex-boyfriend

In factuality, Holmes had founded Theranos back in 2003s at the age of 19, however, the company was turned down by the US regulators in the March of 2018 over accusations of wire fraud, as Holmes, Balwani and the $9-billion company had shattered into pieces.

However, according to latest court documents, Holmes had made her intents clear to blame Balwani by claiming that her ex-boyfriend had virtually taken over the company through an abusive emotional relationship. Nonetheless, irrespective of the fraud lawsuit verdict which would highly likely to be delayed as cited by several legal analysts, Theranos had turned Holmes, a Stanford University dropout, a Silicon Valley Star.