Hana Horka, a Czech singer, dies after catching COVID intentionally

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Hana Horka, a Czech singer, dies after catching COVID intentionally

The coronavirus has caused major problems in the world, and there are many who have their own theories and versions related to the pandemic. There are a lot of amazing things that people are doing to prove both sides, and now we have a new story Czech singer Hana Horka, an opponent of coronavirus vaccination, has died at the age of 57, after she deliberately contracted the virus in order to get covid confirmation, her family announced.

Her son Jan Rek said on the public radio iRozhlas.cz that his mother refused to be vaccinated and deliberately exposed herself to the virus with which he and his father, both vaccinated, became infected before Christmas.

"She decided that she would live with us normally and would rather get the virus than getting vaccinated," Rek said. Two days before her death, the singer of the Czech folk group Assonance wrote on social networks - "I survived.

It was colorful. Now there will be concerts, theaters, saunas, trips to the sea. " In the Czech Republic, proof of vaccination or a recent illness is required to attend social events.

Her son blames local anti-vaxxers

Her son blamed local anti-vaxxers for her mother's death and said they "have her blood on their hands".

"I know exactly who formed her opinion. I am sad that she trusted foreigners more than her family and theses about gaining natural immunity by exposing herself to disease," said Jan Rek. Reck emphasized that his mother died in bed from suffocation due to Covid 19.

According to him, Horka received information that, in fact, is not complete misinformation, but was "deliberately changed so that one side would like it". A new wave of pandemics is spreading in the Czech Republic, with 20,000 newly infected on Monday.

According to the World Health Organization, 1.7 million deaths related to Covid 19 have been registered in Europe so far, and that number is expected to reach two million in March.