Does Kendall Jenner's boyfriend have children with another woman?

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Does Kendall Jenner's boyfriend have children with another woman?

Phoenix Suns' player Devin Booker is in a relationship with his model Kendall Jenner. Obviously, the NBA player ended up in the spotlight not only for his performances, but also, of course, for his private life, considering that Kendall is one of the most famous and followed women on social media globally, with an almost notoriety unmatched.

Kendall Jenner usually tries to keep her private life hidden, but she confirmed her romantic relationship with Booker in February 2021, a date from which insiders and the media have tried as much as possible to find out more about one of the most famous couples between sports and fashion.

In 2019, Gossip in The City magazine ran a story about Devin Booker: at the time, the NBA player was in a relationship with model Aaleeyah Petty. who was pregnant, and also her high school sweetheart, was pregnant at the time, again in 2019 he was having an affair with Kylie Jenner's ex-best friend Jordyn Woods.

However, those stories turned out to be false. Booker has no children and reports later confirmed that Petty's baby's real father is New Orleans Pelicans player Brandon Ingram.

The latest on Devin Booker and Kendall Jenner

Booker is also nominated for the All Star Game in 2020-21, as is teammate Chris Paul.

The duo, along with DeAndre Ayton and the rest of the squad, help to reach a qualification for the play-offs that the Suns had been missing since 2010. On June 3rd, in Game 6 against the Los Angeles Lakers, Booker scored 47 points and 11 rebounds , thus leading the team to 4-2 in the series resulting in the passage of the round.

In game 4 of the conference semifinals against the Denver Nuggets he signed a 34 points and 11 rebounds performance that ended the series 4-0. In game 1 of the Western Conference finals against the Los Angeles Clippers he scored a first triple double of 40 points (the result of a 15/29 shooting) plus 13 rebounds and 11 assists: the last Suns player to establish a triple double in the playoffs was Steve Nash in 2005.

Kendall Jenner, In 2018 are the testimonial of the advertising campaigns of Ochirly, alongside the model Bella Hadid, and Tod's, next to the dancer Roberto Bolle. In the same year he made a cameo in the film Ocean's 8, directed by Gary Ross.

In addition, she is again ranked number one among the highest paid models of the year, earning $ 22.5 million. Jenner is considered one of the main representatives and promoters of the era of instagirls.