Maria Sharapova: between diet, workouts and love-stories

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Maria Sharapova: between diet, workouts and love-stories

Maria Sharapova, 5 Slams won, an impressive grit, a breathtaking beauty and a glamorous cover life. Between the rivalry with his bitter rival Serena Williams, the diet, the loves, the workouts, the victories, the defeats (the most sensational is the suspension for doping, causa meldonium) and a business on a tennis player who has managed to go beyond the barriers of his sport.

Gossip has always been crazy around the Siberian. Maria had a relationship with NBA basketball player Sasa Vujacic from 2009 to 2012, then with Bulgarian colleague and tennis player Grigor Dimitrov until 2015. Since 2018 she has been engaged to British entrepreneur Alexander Gilkes, with a wedding in sight.

But there have been many flirts attributed to Masha. Training after tennis? Staying in physical and mental shape is essential, even when you are no longer on a tennis court. Sharapova practices bodyweight and weight exercises, kickboxing and functional training, squats, pushups and yoga.

Maria herself talked about her diet: "I start my day in a healthy way, I drink a lot of water with lemon, I have done it for my entire career, then green smoothie with cabbage, lemon, spinach and sometimes a small apple or a avocado.

I usually pair these things with rye toast. I'm not very strict about food these days and I have to say that I am a lot less fussy than when I was playing."

Sharapova's career

In her career, Sharapova has won five Grand Slam tournaments: an Australian Open, two Roland Garros, a Wimbledon, won at the age of 17, and a US Open, thus becoming one of the ten players in history to have completed the Career Grand Slam, reached on 9 June 2012 with the victory of her first Roland Garros.

On top of that, she boasts 36 singles tournaments, including the WTA Finals in 2004, and twelve Premier category tournaments. She has occupied the first position of the world ranking in singles on five different occasions, for a total of 21 weeks, becoming the first Russian tennis player in history to lead the top of the rankings.

She became number one for the first time at age 18 on 22 August 2005 and for the last time in July 2012. In 2012 she was awarded the silver medal in singles at the London Olympics, in her only Olympics ever played. She was, for eleven consecutive years, from 2004 to 2015, the highest paid female athlete in the world.