Dolph Ziggler: life, loves, career

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Dolph Ziggler: life, loves, career

Dolph Ziggler has twice held the World Heavyweight Championship, six times the Intercontinental Championship, twice the United States Championship, once the World Tag Team Championship with the Spirit Squad, twice the Raw Tag Team Championship, once once with Drew McIntyre and once with Robert Roode and once the SmackDown Tag Team Championship, with Robert Roode.

He was also the winner of the 2012 Money in the Bank.

Love, family and disputes

Nicholas Nemeth (his real name) has two brothers: Ryan, who fights in All Elite Wrestling, and Donald, who was arrested in 2017 on a murder charge and sentenced to fifteen years in prison.

He has had relationships with actress Amy Schumer and with wrestlers Nikki Bella and Dana Brooke.

His WWE character

During the year 2008 it was launched for the first time with its new gimmick, that of Dolph Ziggler: a young man on the launch pad with a fairly solid confidence in his abilities.

As time passed, this behavior in the character of the blond became more and more evident. The main characteristic of him was to introduce himself to anyone who crossed his path with the classic phrase: Hi, I'm Dolph Ziggler.

Between 2009 and 2010, however, Dolph had a further evolution of his character, taking on the gimmick of Perfection and proclaiming himself Perfection One. This change in his attitudes led him to various juxtapositions by fans with Curt Hennig, better known as Mr.

Perfect. However, Ziggler has repeatedly specified that he appreciates this comparison, but he has not at all plagiarized the business legend and has his own and well-defined identity. In this period he was joined by Vickie Guerrero, who takes his place as manager and assistant, a choice probably due to the boy's way of expressing himself during the promos, to improve his figure in terms of entertainment.

Between 2011 and 2012 there was a revolution on his character, thus definitively abandoning the gimmick of Perfection and leaving room for that of the Show Off. He became a determined and confident boy who wants to emerge, but who above all wants to steal the show every single night with his sublime performances and everything he does.

This character is based above all on a willingness to overwhelm the old generations in favor of the new ones and be a promoter of the rising stars, just as he himself is. This sometimes angry character makes his rancor his driving force, which often leads him to disproportionate reactions, but at the same time totally spurs him on in the public eye; this also led him to improve his skills as an entertainer, often being praised in the backstage and also by the world of social networks, in which fans, as well as all those who make up the wrestling environment, recognize him as a real talent and a rising star.