Wall St. totters after Trump-Kim Summit cut short, on tempered trade talk

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Wall St. totters after Trump-Kim Summit cut short, on tempered trade talk

On Thursday, the 28th of February, the three key indexes of Wall Street had been found foundering and muffling to grasp a breathing space after a Trump-Kim Summit over Vietnam ended abruptly following a morning meeting between the two leaders and White House Trade Representative, Lighthizer had spread a tempestuous tide over progresses on trade scratches.

Followed by the reveal of this unnerving double whammy, Wall St. was vying to vector towards a positive territory and even a better-than-anticipated gross domestic product could not proffer some kind of support for the shivering indexes.

President Donald Trump had walked away from Kim after a morning dialogue and cancelled a scheduled lunch, after North Korean Kim offered some unacceptable demands for stepping off of the nuclear weapon and ballistic missile projects, clearly allowing the world of knowing his thoughts in loud, that, the North Korea had very little wishes to involve into a denuclearization process.

The news came forth, when Wall St. had already been struggling to grapple with White House Trade Representative, Lighthizer’s yesterday’s comment on trade talk, in which he mentioned that the Chinese delegates were appeared to be far more discordant on purchasing new US goods, instead focusing on the critical subject matters such as forced IP transfer.

While this report was being prepared, the Chinese export sensitive Dow Jones had dwindled over 0.30 percent to 25,905.57 and the S&P 500 had plunged by 0.25 percent to 2,785.26, while the tech heavy Nasdaq Composite curbed nearly 0.25 percent to 7,536.09.