February delivers second straight month of gains for European shares

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February delivers second straight month of gains for European shares

On Thursday, the 28th of February, 2019, the European stocks had managed to score a second straight month of gains after a volatile European session. Major European indexes had posted gains on Thursday (February 28th), despite disdainful geo-political outlooks and another set of weaker Chinese financial data.

On Thursday (February 28th), gains of European shares were largely curbed controversial comments on trade talk progress, as US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer had been quoted saying later on yesterday (February 27th), that the Sino-US trade deal might have been a million miles away.

Dialectically, the US President Donald Trump had not stopped touting over progresses on trade talks and how his administration had offered US corporates a breakthrough by tax breaks and other financial reforms. After spending most of the day in the negative territory, the Pan-European STOXX 600 had managed to avert a muddling, posing a shallow gain of 0.1 percent, mostly led by the gains of Frankfurt and Paris.

At Thursday’s (February 28th) market closure, Frankfurt closed the day with a gain of 0.25 percent and Paris added 0.29 percent, while FTSE 100 faltered by 0.46 percent. European shares posted a 3.9 percent gain in February, after gaining more than 6 percent in January, and traders are blaming a growing number of geo-political tensions behind recent leg of lag, as sentiments in European markets exposed to Chinese exports and closer to Asia minors had been politically motivated to stay jejune, amid a Chinese economy contracted to three-year-low following Sino-US tariff war, and a long-standing border dispute looming over two nuclear weaponized nations.