European indices' close flat-line, eke out gains for fourth straight month

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European indices' close flat-line, eke out gains for fourth straight month

On Tuesday, the 30th of April 2019, most of the regional European bourses were little changed, while Germany and France had posted decent gains and the currency-dependent London’s FTSE 100 was whiplashed by a stronger gain of British currency against American dollar following reveal of a flurry of upbeat eurozone economic data.

Tuesday’s (April 30th) market had experienced a bunch of disappointing earnings and disdainful declines of financials including leading lenders likes of Deutsche and Banco Santander, however the shortcomings were successfully countered by the gains of energy stocks and a 21 percent surge of Chipmaker AMS.

After experiencing sideways movement throughout the day, the regional Pan-European STOXX 600 index had closed the day flatlined, while, the regional index had posted a 3.2 percent monthly gain, robustly extending gains for fourth straight month in a row, which happened to be its longest winning streak since May 2017.

On Tuesday’s (April 30th) market wrap-up, London’s FTSE was down by 0.30 percent, mostly toned down by a plunge of miner Glencore shares, while Frankfurt and Paris had posted modest gains of 0.13 and 0.10 percent respectively.

Addressing to a well-shaped euro-zone economy and a shimmering outlook for the European stock indexes, a senior economist at Berenberg said, “The stuff that matters the most for long term demand — the services, labor market — that in the euro zone is in good shape”.