Stocks rebound, as Trump’s trade pomposity calms down

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Stocks rebound, as Trump’s trade pomposity calms down

On Tuesday, the 14th of May 2019, all three key indexes of Wall St. had winded up the day in an affirmative territory with gains of just a notch shy of 1 percent and regained some of its footings lost during yesterday’s (May 13th) steep sell-off over trade tensions, while tariff sensitive tech stocks had led the charges and Nasdaq alongside S&P 500’s tech sectors were pushed higher following a slight drift of ‘battle of quotes’ over Sino-US trade war.

At Tuesday’s (May 14th) market closure, Standard and Poor 500 added 0.80 percent to 2,834.41 and trade-sensitive Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 0.82 percent to 25,523.05, while tech-heavy Nasdaq led the charges as beforementioned with an upsurge e of 1.14 percent to 7,734.49.

Market tensions were slightly cooled down on Tuesday’s (May 14th) morning US trading hours, after US President Donald Trump had made another consolation comment to smooth the water, adding that the dialogues were good, however, a majority of fund managers had remained at their toes, as trade war headlines would likely to impact heavily on global markets and analysts seemed to have little or no belief left on Trump’s touts.

Never the less, referring to Trump’s erratic comments from time-to-time and their degree of seriousness, a chief investment officer at Bell Investment Advisors in Oakland, California, Jim Bell said, “(Today) was a good buying opportunity in terms of how low prices got yesterday. I assume a lot of people still take the president seriously when he makes these comments”.