RRJ Capital in talks to invest $4bn on China’s HNA-owned Ingram Micro

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RRJ Capital in talks to invest $4bn on China’s HNA-owned Ingram Micro

RRJ Capital, an Asian investment fund centring its focus on private equity investments in Southeast Asia and China, headquartered in Hong Kong, had been in an advanced-stage talk with Chinese multinational conglomerate HNA Group Co. to invest as much as $4 billion on HNA-owned US electronics distributor Ingram Micro Inc., a Bloomberg report published on Saturday, the 24th of August 2019, had revealed citing insiders with knowledge regarding the subject-matter.

Aside from that, Saturday’s (August 24th) Bloomberg report had also added that the Hong Kong-based investment group, RRJ Capital would be investing through an HNA convertible bond which could be liquified into 50 per cent of Ingram Micro’s share price.

In point of fact, over the narratives of a soaring debt-piles alongside Chinese government’s latest policy to pour cold water on aggressive deal-making firms likes of HNA, the finance-to-airlines Chinese Conglomerate, HNA Group Co.

had been forging ahead with a chorus of asset sales. More critically, if Ingram Micro’s HNA stake could be reduced to a significant margin, the path to win approvals of Foreign Investment in the United States for the California-based distributor of tech products, China’s HNA-owned Ingram Micro, would be much smoother, Saturday’s (August 24th) report said citing sources who wished to remain unidentified.

Further inside the bid, on last October, media reports had revealed that the Chinese conglomerate HNA Group had listed more than 80 assets to put them up for sales to raise as little as $11 billion aimed at alleviating its growing stack of debt-piles.