FCA’s Maserati to invest at least €1.6 billion to launch new models

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FCA’s Maserati to invest at least €1.6 billion to launch new models

On Thursday, the 26th of September 2019, London-based Italian-American carmaker Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV, the world’s eighth-largest automaker in terms of revenue issued a statement saying that the FCA’s luxury brand Maserati would be investing a hefty sum of €1.6 billion in a bid to manufacture its first hybrid and electric models, while its latest investment would involve roll out of a new super sports car model alongside a new sports utility vehicle.

In point of fact, latest investment plant of FCA’s Maserati had been a part of a broad-based plan of FCA announced last year to invest as many as €5 billion in Italy over the next three years. Aside from that, following the release of Thursday’s (September 26th) statement, a spokeswoman from FCA’s luxury brand Maserati had been quoted saying that the Italian-American automaker was expecting its latest investment would aid in its cause to achieve a catch-up growth in line with its European competitors developing e-vehicles such as Volkswagen AG, adding that the leading European carmaker had also been seeking to counter a year of declining auto sales over Europe.

Besides, according to Maserati’s Thursday’s (September 26th) statement, the FCA’s luxury brand would likely to produce its new super model hybrid sports car at its Modena plant in Northern Italy, while it was drawing out a plan to launch the production line for its new SUVs as early as by the first quarter of 2020 at the group’s Cassino plant in central Italy.

Meanwhile, Maserati also added that the supercar brand of FCA was expecting its new hybrid models to hit the road by early 2021.