Global stocks continue to sour, as economic growth and demands dwindling

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Global stocks continue to sour, as economic growth and demands dwindling

Global stocks continued to sour on Monday, December 10th, in the Asia Pacific session, as global growth worries are mounting. In the wake of fresh concerns regarding US China trade war and a diminished global demand, the Asian shares and US equity features have dipped on Monday morning, December 10th.

Traders have returned to their desks after weekend with an escalated level of worries, as three of the world’s largest economies, US, China and Japan, have been facing weaker than anticipated data, indicating to a lessening of trade activities.

Investors have also been bracing hard for the, UK PM, Theresa May’s Brexit vote, which is due to be held on December 11th and the draft deal appears to be rejected in the House of Commons, triggering fears of a chaotic British exit in March.

Amid concerns of paramount importance, the recent leg of global-scale sell-off continued in the Monday morning, December 10th, as the S&P Futures fell by 08% and Dow Futures YMc1 had plunged 0.8% during the Asia Pacific trading session.

The Shanghai Composite Index shed 0.8%, while the ASX 200 retreated 2%. As South Korean Kospi fell by 1.1%, the Japan’s Nikkei 225 unzipped the heaviest loss, with a 2.3% fall earlier in the session. As US officials have declared a date of hard-deadline for US-China trade truce, pressure has been mounting over the investors worldwide, and a cerulean comely over the markets, might have been out of the picture this week as well.