Stocks surge on Trump’s Trade talk, Sterling crawling upwind

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Stocks surge on Trump’s Trade talk, Sterling crawling upwind

On Wednesday, December 12th, the Asian stocks rallied, as US president Donald Trump signaled an upbeat move regarding US-China trade deal, while Sterling had been slowly crawling forward, trying to neutralize the previous day’s losses on PM May’s Brexit vote delay in the House of Commons.

In an interview, late on Tuesday, December 11th, Trump had said that Washington had been talking with Beijing on Phone and he might not be imposing more tariffs over the Chinese goods, until a decipherable trade deal was seized.

Regarding the arrest of Huawei CFO, Meng, on US request, the US president Donald Trump, mentioned that he might utilize the issue to bag a better trade deal with China, as he had been quoted telling that he would interfere with the US justice Department to secure a better deal with China.

A Canadian court had granted bail of the Huawei executive, and the news was strong enough to jolt the Asia Pacific shares outside Japan upwards by 1.2 percent. The Jumpstart in the Asian stock was led by Nikkei 225, as it closed the day with a surge of 2 percent, while shanghai blue chip was slightly up, gained 0.2 percent.

E-mini features of S&P 500 added a 0.5 percent gain, while the European share outlook appeared to be brightened. However, being repeatedly disappointed before, the analysts had not yet sounded optimistic, about the prospect of reaching a constructive trade deal.

“From the Huawei case, it is increasingly obvious that the China-US trade war is about the exchange of technology, and the development of advanced technologies by Chinese companies”, an analyst at ING commented.