Global stocks lack momentum, erudite euro dips after dovish ECB talk

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Global stocks lack momentum, erudite euro dips after dovish ECB talk

On Thursday, December 13th, a stack of world stocks and equities had met with very little change, as the markets gave up their early gains at the later part of the day. The pattern sighted similar to yesterday’s market, while market data started to trigger questions regarding the investor confidence level.

Why were not the early gains holding on? Several market analysts mentioned that investors are not yet confident enough to bank on the market appearance, as it had been whirling severely and experiencing side-way moves on a continuous basis.

On December 13th market closure, the Dow Jones Industrial Average rose by 0.29 percent, the Standard & Poor 500 soured slightly by 0.02% and Nasdaq composite crawled downwards by 0.39 percent. European stocks lowered slightly and remained as dithered as usual.

Pressing the issue further, the White House had been making several controversial comments and China remained as dowdier as usual. However, recently sealed US soybean import and declined US auto tariffs, have started to move the market slightly.

Yet, there had been nothing yet from US, except Trump’s meretricious comments, as he had recently expressed his intention to interfere with the US judicial processes, to rob the Chinese tech giant, Huawei CFO, Meng, out of US extradition & prison, if it could help to seal a better deal for his country.

While global stocks have not really been making out so far, Euro had slightly slid on Thursday, December 13th, after ECB officially ended its bond purchase program and made dovish talks regarding a struggling economy and an unexpected economic slowdown.