Tesla rally leaves short sellers down by $3 billion since late 2018

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Tesla rally leaves short sellers down by $3 billion since late 2018

Shares’ prices of California-based US multinational e-vehicle manufacturer, Tesla Inc., had always been a lucrative bet for the short-sellers given its extent of volatilities following each tweet of Tesla Boss Elon Musk, nonetheless, Tesla Inc.

short-sellers had met with more than $3 billion in losses since late 2018. Aside from that, investors gambling on Tesla short-selling on Friday (January 3rd) following Wall St. estimate that the carmaker would fail to reach its delivery goal, had suffered a staggering blow of $500 million on Friday (January 3rd) after the electric vehicle manufacturer’s fourth quarter delivery on 2019 had beaten analysts’ estimate and snowballed Tesla Inc.’s shares prices to an all-time record high of $454.10 per share reached on US morning trading hours on Friday (January 3rd).

Besides, according to a report from a financial analytics firm, S3 Partners, traders who had been plotting short-sales of Tesla Inc. stocks had shrugged off more than $900 million during the first two trading sessions of the New Year, while Tesla Inc.

short-sellers had suffered a terrible blow of $2.9 billion last year, a majority of which was witnessed after Tesla Inc. had flabbergasted the analysts on Q3, 2019, by surprisingly beating its delivery goals despite a raft of rancors between Tesla Inc.

head Elon Musk and US Securities and Exchange Commission. As a matter of fact, US SEC had pushed Tesla boss Musk twice in to the US courts since late-2018 over his comments on tweets leaking potential whereabouts of Tesla deliveries and future stratagems.