US stock exchanges say prepared for virus outbreak as US reports first coronavirus pt

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US stock exchanges say prepared for virus outbreak as US reports first coronavirus pt

On Wednesday, the 26th of February 2020, a slew of US stock exchanges said in separate statements that they had been closely monitoring the recent developments of coronavirus outbreak and preparing potential contingency plans if their operations were affected due to the fast-spreading virus outbreak, as the United States had reported its first coronavirus patient in Northern California late on Wednesday (February 26th) while the “patient zero” or the source of infection remained unknown.

Meanwhile, adding that the NYSE had been testing its contingency plans for coronavirus outbreak on a regular basis, a spokesman for New York Stock Exchange, owned by the Intercontinental Exchange Inc., said in a statement late on Wednesday (February 26th), “The NYSE is carefully monitoring the spread of COVID-19 and has robust contingency plans, tested regularly, to enable continuous operation of the NYSE exchanges should any facilities be impacted,” while a spokesman for Nasdaq said, “The safety of Nasdaq employees, vendors, visitors is paramount.

We continue to follow the updates and act and communicate accordingly. ” Besides, adding that the Cboe had wide-ranging back-up plan in place for mass geopolitical catastrophes, a spokeswoman for Cboe said on Wednesday (February 26th), “Cboe has business continuity plans in place for a wide variety of scenarios that could potentially impact operations.

We are closely monitoring developments related to coronavirus. ” Nasdaq Inc. operates three US stock exchanges and NYSE runs five, while the Cboe Global Market functions four stock exchanges in the United States.