European shares regain momentum ahead of Brexit amendment vote

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European shares regain momentum ahead of Brexit amendment vote

On Tuesday, the 29th of January, 2019, the European shares closed in the green, ahead of a stockpile of political, corporate and economic events, including Brexit Amendment vote alongside, Apple data on Tuesday, Jan 29th, and Federal Reserve’s decision, as well as US-China trade talk on Wednesday.

Apart from that, market is also eyeing the eurozone consumer price index (CPI) and the Gross domestic product data. Almost of all of the European stocks surged on Tuesday, while the Great Britain Pound had heavily pounded with a 0.73 percent loss to $1.3066 ahead of Brexit vote and Euro remained flatlined throughout the day, scoring a 0.03 percent loss to $1.1430.

The Britain’s FTSE 100 led the upsurge of European stocks, as it secured a 1.29 percent gain, erasing yesterday’s (Jan. 27th) loss, while the Germany’s DAX 30 was 0.08 percent up to 11,218.83. Meanwhile, Paris gained 0.81 percent to 4,928.18 and the utilities as well as energies were among the most upbeat sectors.

Although gains had been spread across all of the sectors, the indexes heavily exposed to US-China trade talk like Germany’s DAX 30 remained restrained. The Pan European STOXX 600 index had been 0.8 percent up at the market closure and the market mood was slightly better in Europe than US stocks indexes, since tech-heavy NASDAQ composite and S&P 500 were trading in the reds, down by 0.81 & 0.15 percent respectively.