Goldman Sachs finally launches app for online bank Marcus, will offer loan payment

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Goldman Sachs finally launches app for online bank Marcus, will offer loan payment

New York City-based United States’ leading lender, Goldman Sachs Group Inc., finally had launched a long-anticipated app for its online bank Marcus this week, named over the founder of Goldman Sachs, Marcus Goldman, a German investment banker, financier and businessman who had migrated in to the United States back in the 1848s and founded the century-old world’s one of the largest investment banking companies in 1869.

In point of fact, a mobile application for Goldman Sachs’ Marcus was long-awaited since a lack of mobile app had been frustrating its large customer-base, however, limitations of the Marcus app could still escalate a growing annoyance among its clients, suggested analysts.

Apart from that, Goldman Sachs’s website had also fallen short of its customers’ expectations given the extent of trading facilities proffered by its larger rival JPMorgan Chase & Co., the largest lender in the United States, as thus far, users could only make balance transfers, view account information and pay out loans using Goldman Sachs’ website.

Nonetheless, referring to a growing expense of creating a safer online platform given its havoc-scale user base with headquarters in the major cities across the globe including NY, London, Bangalore, Hong Kong, Salt Lake City and Tokyo, a Goldman Sachs spokeswoman, Kristen Greco was quoted saying on Friday (January 10th) that the lender’s software engineers and developers had spent more than one year to create an opening version of its online banking app, Marcus.