Injury puts Max Scherzer's Opening Day participation in doubt

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Injury puts Max Scherzer's Opening Day participation in doubt

Max Scherzer is dealing with a hamstring issue and he admitted he is not sure when he will pitch again. On Friday, the New York Mets suffered a blow when it was announced that star pitcher Jacob deGrom would miss a significant time with a shoulder injury.

The following day, Scherzer was pulled out from his outing in a simulated game due to a hamstring issue. Even though Scherzer couldn't say when he would pitch again, he noted he doesn't expect the current issue to be a long-term problem.

Scherzer is currently being listed as day-to-day. "Don't know," Scherzer said when asked when he would pitch again, per ESPN. "I've had these little hamstring injuries before. They go away in days. Fortunately enough I've been pretty good to not have serious hamstring injuries.

I've had just little hiccups. "I think this is the same thing. For me, it's just a day-to-day thing ... but when you're dealing with hammies, you never know."

The Mets not panicking after the Scherzer, deGrom injuries

"Just because something doesn't happen on the first game of the season, I'm not going to put the whole thing in disarray for one spot or even two spots," Mets manager Buck Showalter said.

"We have options to go in different directions if we want to. I told all three of those guys to continue down the path you're on right now." Scherzer revealed he first noticed an issue with his hamstring a couple of days ago.

However, it improved and Scherzer felt it was behind him. Then, the hamstring tightened up. "I'd noticed something a couple days ago from running," Scherzer said. "Hamstring just tightened up, didn't feel like I strained it or anything like that.

I had good recovery the past two days. Then I went through my normal routine to go for it and make a start today, and the hamstring just tightened up."