New York Mets find silver lining in Jacob deGrom injury

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New York Mets find silver lining in Jacob deGrom injury

The New York Mets suffered a blow when it was announced star pitcher Jacob deGrom would miss signifivant time but they are refusing to be negative. Instead, the Mets are trying to be positive and insisting deGrom will be a big addition to the team when he is allowed to return.

DeGrom sustained a shoulder injury and he will be kept out of throwing for up to four weeks. . “I look at it, think about how strong he is going to be as the season progresses,” Mets manager Buck Showalter said at Clover Park, per The Post.

“That’s a pretty good addition instead of a trade, Jacob deGrom”.

DeGrom 'disappointed' after sustaining an injury

Suffering a setback just before Opening Day was certainly extremely disappointing for deGrom, who missed the entire second part of the 2021 season due to injuries.

“He’s disappointed, we’re disappointed, everybody is sharing in the disappointment right now,” Mets general manager Eppler said. “Nobody is immune to that, but I think the good news is here, there is nothing structurally wrong here, as far as the rotator cuff as far as anything like that is concerned.

But we are dealing with a bone issue and when you deal with bone, they calcify. The healing characteristics will take care of themselves, so I think that is a positive we walk away with”. Showalter, who managed the New York Yankees in the past, was asked about the vibe in the city since both teams are spending big trying to win.

“It’s not like I look at it and get all tingly,” Showalter said. “Everything for me is about the Mets. What they are doing over there [with the Yankees], I could care less until we get ready to play them.

That’s their business and they have been pretty good. I couldn’t even tell you what they are doing this spring. … All our curiosity is going to be satisfied when we start playing”.