MLB commissioner Rob Manfred hints at rule change that could be coming in 2023


MLB commissioner Rob Manfred hints at rule change that could be coming in 2023

MLB commissioner Rob Manfred has revealed that introducing a pitch clock is "high" on the priority list of team owners. After the MLB and the MLBPA struck a new CBA deal to put an end to the lockout, Manfred now wants the teams and players to work together on finding ways to make the game more entertaining for fans.

Manfred strongly noted before any changes are made, he first wants to get complete input from the players. "I don't want to prejudge the process as far as handicapping it. I will say this: We've experimented extensively with the pitch clock in the minor leagues.

It does help in terms of the pace of the game. It does help also in terms of the way the game is played, meaning more action, so it is something that remains high on the priority list of ownership," Manfred said in an interview on ESPN's SportsCenter.

"We have a great game, but historically I think the game was a little crisper the way it moved along, it had a little more action in it, more frequent balls in play, and getting back to that form of baseball would be an improvement for us, for the players and for the fans."

Manfred on legalized gambling on baseball

Manfred expects legalized gambling on baseball to continue his growth as he sees it as a good way of fans getting more interacted with the game.

"We see it primarily as a form of increasing fan engagement. It's an additional way for our fans to interact with the game," he said. "I do think in-game betting is going to be a significant component. I think if you talk to people who are expert in the field that they don't see outcome betting as a major growth area.

It is in fact in-game betting, so-called prop betting, that is going to be the growth area. And most of that betting is going to take place on mobile devices."