Yankees legend CC Sabathia comments on Aaron Judge's future

Sabathia would like to see Judge spend his entire career with the Yankees.

by Dzevad Mesic
Yankees legend CC Sabathia comments on Aaron Judge's future

New York Yankees legend CC Sabathia admitted he would like to see Aaron Judge spend his entire career in The Bronx but added it's something he can't control. Judge, who is considered as one of the best - if not the best outfielder in the MLB, set Opening Day as the deadline for his new deal.

The Yankees' season opener against the Boston Red Sox was scheduled for Thursday but was postponed for Friday due to rain. “I would love for him to be here as a Yankee his whole career, but obviously that’s out of my tax bracket and my pay grade,” Sabathia, per The Post.

“We just hope that they can get something done and [Judge] can remain a Yankee”.

Sabathia excited about his new role

Sabathia, who has served as a front-office advisor to Yankees general manager Brian Cashman since 2019, was on Thursday announced as a special assistant to MLB commissioner Rob Manfred.

“Having a chance to still have my Yankee job and do this and really be around the game, it’s something that I didn’t know I wanted when I was still playing, but now that I’m done … it means a lot to me, for sure,” Sabathia said.

“I’ve been running my mouth the whole time about player relations. And I’ve been wanting our league to run like the NBA in how close [commissioner] Adam Silver is with the players and how big the players’ opinion matters in the game.

“I’ve been the biggest advocate for this type of situation, so it was either put up or shut up”. Also, Sabathia reflected on former Yankee Carlos Beltran returning to New York and becoming Yankees announces on YES Network.

“I’ve read the comments, but I haven’t had a chance to see it or even talk to Los yet,” Sabathia said. “I would just love to see him get back in the game. Los is such a smart dude. I thought he’d be a great manager for the Mets; unfortunate how it went down and shook out.

He was a player, and nobody else, no other players, really got in trouble. “To see him lose his job was tough, but I just want to see him get back in the game”.