Tragic story of baseball player Blake Bivens: I learned my family is dead on Facebook

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Tragic story of baseball player Blake Bivens: I learned my family is dead on Facebook

It is certain that many remember the tragic fate of Blake Bivens, which caused a huge shock. The event happened three years ago, and many still remember it with great sadness. Bivens found out about the death of his son, wife, and mother-in-law when he logged on to Facebook.

Bivens decided to reveal the details of his story, which left a big trauma on him. He was in Tennessee at the time the crime took place, in August 2019, where he was supposed to play a game. But he had no idea what awaited him.

Nothing pointed out that it could be the worst day of his life until ... On that fateful morning he woke up around 10 o'clock and looked at the phone. There were no messages from the wife he was used to. And then he clicked on Facebook.

“As soon as I opened Facebook, I saw a headline stating that the police were looking for my wife’s brother. I knew something was going on and I immediately called my parents. And they were trying to find out what was going on.

Bivens automatically realized that something was wrong. "I knew I needed to pack my things and get back on the first plane." Blake Bivens was at the airport after that and tried to call his wife, but no answer. But what he saw after that was a real shock!

Death news He looked at Facebook again. The first thing he saw was a headline about the murder of two women and a newborn in his hometown of Virginia. "I knew in that look that they were. I found out that my family is dead on Facebook.

I started screaming in the middle of the airport. " What he feared most followed. Confirmation arrived soon. His mother-in-law Joan Bernard, wife Emily Bernard Bivens, and son Cullen Bivens, 14 months old, were found dead that morning.

"The only thing I remember during the whole flight by plane is that I stared at the back of the seat all the time. It seemed to me that this was not happening. I was in a state of shock. I was going through periods of trembling and then I would break down and start getting lost and crying.

It looked like the flight by plane lasted forever, ”Beavens said Then he remembered his son. "It was only then that I realized I would never see him again." It was known who the killer was. Matthew Thomas Bernard, Blake's wife's brother, was charged and arrested for triple murder.