Josh Donaldson answers what he brings as player to Yankees

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Josh Donaldson answers what he brings as player to Yankees

Third baseman Josh Donaldson has promised New York Yankees fans that he will give his absolute best every time he steps on the field repping the team from the Bronx. Last month, the Yankees brought Donaldson via a trade with the Minnesota Twins.

"They can expect somebody that’s gonna grind out at-bats … to not give an at-bat away … to make plays defensively," Donaldson told The Post. "I’m not the most fleet afoot anymore, so I’m not probably gonna do a lot of things that are too exciting on the base paths.

But for myself, I like the big moments of games. And to be able to come up in big situations in games and hopefully provide the outcomes that are gonna help our team win. I don’t shy away from that moment, that’s something that I enjoy.

… I’m gonna come and I’m gonna play hard every day, I’m gonna compete and leave it on the line and hopefully have some success along the way, which I believe that I can. I feel like my reputation across the league is that I play to win.

That’s what I try to focus on, is how can I help the team win?"

Donaldson excited about playing in New York

The Yankees are a major brand and playing for one of the biggest teams in American sports bring a certain type of pressure.

The Yankees haven't been to a World Series since 2009 and it is not a secret that Yankees fans are hoping the team breaks its drought this year. "The fan base is passionate. I think what’s great about being a Yankee is that there’s expectations to win, and that the front office does a great job of helping and developing our team to do that to the best of our ability," Donaldson explained.