Yankees' manager Aaron Boone defends Joey Gallo

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Yankees' manager Aaron Boone defends Joey Gallo

Although individuals criticize Joey Gallo and his performance, Yankees manager Aaron Boone has stood up in defense of his player. “I would suggest he’s off to, at-bat-wise, a good start,” Boone told reporters after the game, as quoted by NJ.

“Controlling the zone. Getting on base. Smoked a couple of balls. Tonight, I thought, (he) had really good at-bats where he just missed the ball. He’s getting to pitches that he wasn’t getting to last year. Just missed a ball to center.

Hit a ball the other way hard to left. Smoked a ball to right. Another walk. Look at what he’s doing and I think we’re seeing a lot of good at-bats in a guy that, for me, has a lot more coverage right now”. Journalists were interested in Boone being more specific when it comes to Gallo's progress “He’s just getting on plane with pitches a lot more,” Boone said.

He added, “I just feel like he’s putting good swings and good at-bats together right now”.


Most believe that Gallo is not to blame for the bad game of the Yankees, and others have also shown a bad game, and have not met expectations.

Although he has bad statistics this season, a lot is expected of him: “Just looking at the at-bats a whole in the series,” Boone said, “I feel like we put a lot of good at-bats up. Even hit some balls on the screws today for outs.

We want to create those opportunities. We couldn’t get that big one to really break anything open today. That’s part of it. But overall I like the way we’re swinging the bats and the at-bats the guys are having.

We just keep giving ourselves that opportunity”. Still, the coach is happy with his players and what they have shown and of course, there is a lot of room for improvement.