MLB commissioner Rob Manfred sent gift to every player on Opening Day

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MLB commissioner Rob Manfred sent gift to every player on Opening Day

Major League Baseball commissioner Rob Manfred gifted MLB players Bose headphones on Opening Day in an effort to mend the relationship with players following the lockout. After 99 days of lockout, the MLB and MLBPA struck a deal and the new season kicked off on April 7.

The Athletic was the first to report Manfred gifting MLB players Bose headlphones on Opening Day. "Please accept this gift as a small gesture of my appreciation for the hard work that comes with being a Major Leaguer and your respect for our incredible fans," Manfred wrote, per The Athletic.

"Thank you for everything you do in a game that has such a rich history and deep meaning to our fans in the U.S. and around the world. Wishing you the best of luck for a successful season."

Adam Wainwright not impressed by Manfred

"To just put it bluntly, he doesn't do anything for us," St.

Louis Cardinals pitcher Adam Wainwright said last month. "I know how that's going to read, so Commissioner Manfred, don't take it personal. That's just how it looks from a players' standpoint." Meanwhile, Manfred revealed that introducing a pitch clock is high on the priority list of team owners.

It's one of the changes that could be coming in 2023. "I don't want to prejudge the process as far as handicapping it. I will say this: We've experimented extensively with the pitch clock in the minor leagues. It does help in terms of the pace of the game.

It does help also in terms of the way the game is played, meaning more action, so it is something that remains high on the priority list of ownership," Manfred said in an interview on ESPN's SportsCenter. "We have a great game, but historically I think the game was a little crisper the way it moved along, it had a little more action in it, more frequent balls in play, and getting back to that form of baseball would be an improvement for us, for the players and for the fans."