Alec Bohm explains himself after he was caught saying 'I f------ hate this place'

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Alec Bohm explains himself after he was caught saying 'I f------ hate this place'

Philadelphia Phillies third baseman Alex Bohm apologized for the derogatory comments he made during Monday's game against the New York Mets. Bohm made three errors during the first three innings of the game and that prompted fans to sarcastically cheer him after he made a successful throw to first base for an out.

Even though Bohm wasn't heard, lip-readers had no doubts what the third baseman had told his teammate. "I f------ hate this place," Bohm said. After the game, Bohm apologized for his langugage. "Emotions got the best of me," he told reporters, including Alex Coffey of the Philadelphia Inquirer.

"I said it. And do I mean it? No. It's a frustrating night for me. Obviously I made a few mistakes in the field. But these fans just want to win. You heard it, when we came back. They're great. I'm sorry to them. I don't mean that."

It finished well for Bohm and his team

The Mets appeared to be cruising toward a comfortable win but then suffered a stunning collapse as the Phillies recovered from a 0-4 deficit to win 5-4.

"I think it's a kid that was frustrated," Phillies manager Joe Girardi said of Bohm's language. "I don't think that kid was referring to, you know, the city of Philadelphia, the fans. I think he was referring to the situation he was in.

Put yourself in his shoes." Meanwhile, Mets manager Buck Showaler defended pitcher Seth Lugo after a stunning loss. “He’s been a really good pitcher for us for a long time,” Showalter said of Lugo. “He gets one.

It just wasn’t his night. He made a good pitch. Some balls uncharacteristically were hit hard off of him, but he’s a good one. I’m glad we’ve got him”.