Yankees optimistic struggling Josh Donaldson will find way out of slump

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Yankees optimistic struggling Josh Donaldson will find way out of slump

Josh Donaldson has gotten off to a tough start to his tenure with the Yankees but manager Aaron Boone is confident the third baseman will soon breakout. Last month, the Yankees acquired Donaldson via a trade with the Minnesota Twins.

Donaldson is off to a slow start as he has a team-high 13 strikeouts and an OPS of .454. “I think he’s on the verge,’’ Boone said of Donaldson, per The Post. “I’m not worried about him.

If we keep him healthy, he’ll have a big year for us”. The Yankees are giving their best to give Donaldson a playing time as he has also been used as the DH. “He’ll be rotating through there [at DH],’’ Boone said.

“We value and want him in the field, but I think if we can possibly get him days at DH day, it hopefully serves him well”. While Boone thinks Donaldson will eventually finds his game, he praised pitcher Jordan Montgomery.

“I thought he was really good,’’ Boone said. “He got into a good rhythm and finished really strong. He got into trouble in the fifth inning, but made pitches when he had to. We were fortunate he didn’t miss any time”.

Donaldson 'not afrad' to fail

In a recent interview with The Post, Donaldson was asked why he's not afraid to fail. "Probably just because I failed so much (laugh) in life and in baseball itself," Donaldson told The Post.

"To me, if you’re not failing at some point then you’re not really pushing yourself hard enough. Obviously when the game-time situation comes, you don’t want to fail, but the more opportunities you get, there’s gonna be good and there’s gonna be bad.

And once you have the realization of that, and once you’re comfortable with what allows you to create your own success, then the result is the result. There’s only a few things that you can really control in this game, and I try to stay on those."