Michael Kopech: I went out there without really an idea of anything

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Michael Kopech: I went out there without really an idea of anything

The Chicago White Sox lost to Tampa Bay Rays 9-3 last night, but have shown quality in the previous two games, especially in the pre-defeat match, when Dylan Cease and Michael Kopech played phenomenally. Kopech was not focused to the maximum at the beginning and it took him time to catch the rhythm.

Still, he managed to show and prove how good a player he is. “I settled in, definitely. First couple innings, I think I went out there without really an idea of anything, just overthinking a bit,” Kopech said, as quoted by MLB.com.

“Then I was able to find my groove and stay in there and give the team a chance, at least, and that’s all I was worried about. So I was satisfied with the day”. “If my first inning would have been as a reliever later on in the game, I don’t think I would’ve completed the inning,” he said.

“But as a starter, you get a chance to find your feet and find your legs and get out there and compete. I did that today, and we were able to get a little deeper than it might have looked in the first”.

Kopech after the game

Michael Kopech was not good enough at certain moments, and stressed that he could not use the slider the way he wanted.

But quality always comes in the most important moments, so Kopech was back in the game and showing a great game. “I thought I threw some good sliders early on, but I’ve kind of been sporadic with my fastball,” he added.

“They weren’t playing very well off of each other, so I didn’t get an opportunity to use my slider how I usually would. Luckily, working off that high fastball with my curveball seemed to be something I could do today, so I leaned on that a bit heavier than I ever have. And I was happy with it”.