Justin Verlander: I could still pitch at a high level

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Justin Verlander: I could still pitch at a high level

Despite his age, Justin Verlander has shown that he is still a class, and one of the best players. Although many had doubts whether Verlander would be the same after the injury, Justin silenced the critics. “I wouldn’t have put in all the hard work if I didn’t think I could still pitch at a high level,” Verlander said, as quoted by MLB.com.

“But that being said, it is definitely gratifying to have that feeling again of going out there after a tough loss [Friday] and being able to pick us up and go deep in the game and do what I expect to do most times out”.

A year ago, Verlander said: “I’m hitting all the checkmarks you’re supposed to hit,” Verlander said. “They give the same protocols to me they give the 22-year-olds. I feel like my body is still in great shape, my ability to recover is still there.

I don’t know if that’s forever. I know I’m raging against the dying of the light and doing everything I possibly can to keep it that way. ”

Mariners win

His team played great in the win against the Mariners.

Verlander also emphasized what is most important at the moment. “I still believe wholeheartedly that innings matter in the long scheme of things,” he said. “They matter in a 162-game season. If you’re able to go out there and throw 200-plus innings, even if it’s not the most stellar of innings, that benefit to the bullpen is tremendous.

Baseball’s lost that a little bit. It’s one of those things it’s hard to put a value on in an analytic world. If you can’t put a value on it, you just poo-poo it. Those of us who have been around the game for a while know that’s something important”. A lot is expected from Verlander in the next matches as well, even though he is 39 years old!